Try! Swift 2016

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 9 March

Development, Swift, Apple, Culture, Inspirational

On Wednesday 2nd March - Friday 4th March, I attended the first Try! Swift developers conference in Tokyo, Japan. As Apple’s new programming language begins to grow and mature it is now receiving a large amount of attention throughout the developer community. This conference was a great opportunity for developers of the iOS, tvOS, watchOS and Mac OS X platforms to present on the ways they are pushing the limits of the language. It has opened up many unique discussions on the ways the language itself can be improved, some of the drawbacks that exist and most importantly the best practices that have revealed themselves already within the community.

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The State of iOS Dependency Management

Posted by Rhys Powell on 8 December

Development, Mobile, Swift, Apple

Dependency management is a tricky problem to solve, even more so on iOS projects where we have to concern ourselves with things like code signing, embedded binaries, and so on. In recent years, a couple of solutions to this problem have presented themselves, each with different approaches and guiding philosophies, and each with their own tradeoffs to consider.

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Bilue's Swift Style Guide

Posted by Rhys Powell on 1 December

Development, Swift, Apple


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