Collective Growth at Bilue

Posted by Joanna Osborn on 27 July

Company, Culture, Office

At Bilue we aim to do impactful work. We collaborate with clients, we encourage creativity and we deliver inspired solutions. Recently at our half yearly team day our CEO Cameron Barrie, urged us to pursue personal and collective growth in the year ahead. Cameron said connection is fundamental to the work we do at Bilue, but in order to truly connect and inspire others, strong communication skills are critical at both an individual and company level.

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5th Anniversary Party

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 16 February

Development, Experimental, Company, Culture

Bilue recently turned 5 years old, and we held a party at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney just to celebrate. With some space left over to decorate we decided we wanted to build something a little different for our staff, customers and family to interact with. The brief we landed on was to create something unique, exciting and modern that encompassed the skill and flare that is involved in each and every day in the life of the Bilue team.

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The Cole Classic 2016 Swim

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 16 December

Company, Inspirational

Yesterday a small group of us took to the water at the North Sydney Olympic Pool to begin our preparation for The Sydney Morning Herald's Cole Classic 2016 swim. The Cole Classic swim incorporates a 1km, 2km, and 5km ocean swim from Shelly Beach to Manly Beach and will take place on Sunday, 7th February 2016.

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Yow! 2015 Conference

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 11 December

Development, Mobile, Company

On Thursday 10 December, once nothing more than a $10,000 credit card debt and now a Sydney-based technology startup, Atlassian raised $US462 million in a much anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO). It goes to show that now is as good a time as ever to push forward, break down barriers and achieve something bold.

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Driving Forward

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 20 November

Company, Culture

Being a company focused on culture, design-led thinking and relentless improvement, Bilue is always looking for ways to tighten the ship and be better. Not just growth in terms of personnel or physical space but in terms of friendships, teamwork, encouragement, exploration, learning, setting goals and achieving them. Yesterday everyone at Bilue woke slightly earlier than usual and boarded a bus headed out west for an excitement-fuelled day of go-karting.

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NSCamp 2015

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 9 November

Mobile, Experimental, Company, Culture, Inspirational

You can only move fast and break things for so long. At some point you need to slow down, step away and gather a little bit of perspective. Last weekend the Bilue team helped organise and attended NSCamp up in Brooklyn, New South Wales. For the entire weekend we accompanied a group of talented developers, designers and creatives from as far as Perth and Melbourne to spend some time away from the regular routine of life and instead challenge ourselves with focus, growth and passion for the work we truly care about.

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A Minimum Viable Product without development

Posted by Eric Auld on 21 September


Product design doesn’t need to be sexy or fancy. Sometimes it doesn’t look like product design or development at all.

Bilue has a challenge, as we grow from a 3, 5, 15, 35+ member team. We need to communicate with more clients about even more projects. And as such, we need to share information and outcomes with each other more often but with less time. We are at the point where we need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

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A podcast a day

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 13 August

Experimental, Company, Culture

You sit back in the cold, sticky, plastic, blue train seat sniffle on the morning train into the office. Beside you is the last person you want to be seated next to. Sniffle Scrolling aimlessly through your Facebook news feed you can’t help but keep hearing it.

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Will that match the curtains?

Posted by Eric Auld on 5 February


2015 is going to be a big year for Bilue. It is now time we grow up, put our big boy pants on and move out on our own. We’ve waved goodbye to Tank Stream Labs having sheltered us well for the last 2 years. For the last month we’ve been renovating a brand new office just for Bilue (and friends). Mind you we haven’t moved far, just across the road. You can now find us at Bilue’s Homeland on Level 1, 6 Bridge St, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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