Speaking at YOW Conference

Posted by Cameron Barrie on 13 March
Cameron Barrie

YOW was one of the first conferences I attended as a developer, and I was inspired by Eric Meijer's passion for Haskell and a side effect free world. To be honest, at the time, I had no fucking idea what this crazy bastard in a tie-dyed t-shirt was ranting about. But his passion was amazing, so I went a researched it, and it changed my world. I am forever grateful to YOW, and of course to Eric.

Late last year, I was asked to speak at YOW Conference. Speaking at YOW was an honour, to be able to take the stage at that same conference that inspired me years earlier. Not once, but three times (Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney) I delivered my thoughts on Mobile, and how to move fast in the space.

I won't bore you with the details here, you can watch the video instead.

If you're looking for a great conference to send your technical team, something they'll be challenged at, you should definitely consider YOW.

Topics: Mobile