A Little Delight

Posted by Ben Bradshaw on 16 May


When designing software we tend to be focussed on the “overall look and feel". That is the combination of the visual design, or the UI and usability.

However, as technology steadily progresses, digital products, be it hardware or software, are becoming more simplified and usable.

So what does this mean for design? Are we all heading towards a monotonous, standardized wasteland of templates and patterns?

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Linkly #2: Zuckerbots Rollout!

Posted by Ben Bradshaw on 22 April

Facebook, Products, Podcast, Innovation, Design

Linkly is a curated list of interesting products, topics and talking points from the world of design and technology. This week we highlight Facebook's F8 conference, designs big hitters and a t-shirt that helps you travel.

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Game on!

Posted by Amy Balsdon on 21 April

Design, Inspirational, games

Many of the Bilue staff have a long commute to and from work which leaves plenty of time for gaming. I asked everyone around the office what their favourite games to play were and why. The games ranged from simple problem solving concepts to dramatic adventures through rough terrain. With a combination of visually rich imagery and awesome sound effects, this list should help you out on your next train ride home. Get your game on!!

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Linkly #1

Posted by Scott Lawton on 18 April

Every second of everyday thousands of new entries enter their way into the internet. Sometimes it’s hard to find value in the sea of countless cat videos, memes and YouTube videos of people unpacking things they just bought.

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Design inspiration: Gradients

Posted by Annelise Rhodes on 18 April

Design, Inspirational

Over the last little while some of the team at Bilue have been finding ways to relax. You may have read our Meditation post from a few months back. Well, to continue down this path of finding ways to zen out we’ve chosen to collate some of our favourite visuals that help us relaaaax. Use them for your wallpaper, stick them up near your desk, we guarantee you that gazing into one of these juicy gradients whilst listening to some calming tunes for a few minutes will leave you feeling refreshed.

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Respond 2016

Posted by Annelise Rhodes on 14 April

Development, Web, Conferences, Design

In its third year and bigger than ever, Respond Australia's Responsive Web Design Conference, was held for the first time in two cities, over two days. Kicking off on the 7th April at the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour.

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Augmented Reality in mobile today

Posted by Simon Westren on 14 April

Augmented Reality, IoT, Virtual reality

Last Thursday, 7 April 2016, a few of us from the Sydney office attended Convergence, billed as a conference for Wearable Technology, Smart Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). The main stand out for us at the event was the dominance of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices.

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Try! Swift 2016

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 9 March

Development, Swift, Apple, Culture, Inspirational

On Wednesday 2nd March - Friday 4th March, I attended the first Try! Swift developers conference in Tokyo, Japan. As Apple’s new programming language begins to grow and mature it is now receiving a large amount of attention throughout the developer community. This conference was a great opportunity for developers of the iOS, tvOS, watchOS and Mac OS X platforms to present on the ways they are pushing the limits of the language. It has opened up many unique discussions on the ways the language itself can be improved, some of the drawbacks that exist and most importantly the best practices that have revealed themselves already within the community.

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5th Anniversary Party

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 16 February

Development, Experimental, Company, Culture

Bilue recently turned 5 years old, and we held a party at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney just to celebrate. With some space left over to decorate we decided we wanted to build something a little different for our staff, customers and family to interact with. The brief we landed on was to create something unique, exciting and modern that encompassed the skill and flare that is involved in each and every day in the life of the Bilue team.

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Accurate Apple Device Reporting in Google Analytics

Posted by Craig Edwards on 4 February

Development, Mobile

For some reason Google Analytics doesn't expose a dimension that represents which specific model of iPhone/iPad that the user is using (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2, et al). This makes it very difficult to track your mobile users' usage by specific device type.

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