One week remote

Posted by Jake on 2 June

In 2007 I met a Canadian Software Developer called Mike Doyle in the Blue Mountains. Mike was traveling the world climbing and working. This gobsmacked me - the fact that it was possibly to work from wherever.

Fast forward 8 years, a University degree, 5 years working full-time in company offices, it is time to reflect on my first week of being a remote worker.

Some discoveries from the last week / tips to a rad work environment

- You will find yourself staring aimlessly into the pantry numerous times a day. Even if you just ate something.

- Have a dedicated work room that is yours. Buy a nice chair, set up a sweet desk, purchase a nice big monitor. Treat yourself and make it an awesome space.

- Have a few areas to work from. Late in the afternoon it's easy to get stale and unproductive. I have found undocking the laptop and going to sit near the heater (it's winter!) on the rocking chair really helps with finishing the day off strong.

- If the quietness is too much, turn on the radio. Having an old school radio in the corner can really help make the space a bit more happening.

- Over communicate and have fun. Post stupid stuff in Slack. Show your team you are still alive. You may feel anxious / guilty about working from home rather than the office, but you can potentially be more productive, without the distractions of an office space - table tennis, impromptu meetings, banter etc.

- You need to structure your day to make sure you get the most out of it. You need to be self-motivated. Working from home is not for everyone, unless you are one that can keep focused and not let various distractions get the better of you. Understand what works best for you and your employer/clients.

Only one week in

I've set up my home office about two hours from the actual office. This is a bonus that not every remote worker has. It allows me to go in for important meetings, or show my face about once a week, so I don't get out of touch.

It has only been a week so far but I look forward to reviewing how things are going in the coming months. Leading up to working remotely I noticed that I was becoming hypersensitive to my surrounds. So far I have found the quietness of my home office has strengthened my ability to get into the zone and have more clarity of mind. I feel it is a refreshing change I needed, to learn and produce the best code I possibly can.

Working remotely has only been made possible because of the rad company I work for, Bilue. Also massive thanks to Cam for making my dream of working remotely, wherever, possible.

If you are keen to learn more about Bilue, drop us an email. We are always hiring!

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