Linkly #2: Zuckerbots Rollout!

Posted by Ben Bradshaw on 22 April
Ben Bradshaw

Linkly is a curated list of interesting products, topics and talking points from the world of design and technology. This week we highlight Facebook's F8 conference, designs big hitters and a t-shirt that helps you travel.



Zuckerbots Rollout!

Facebook’s F8 conference is one of the tech worlds biggest events and this years event had plenty of interesting talking points. But the one that took centre stage was the launch of Facebook Messenger's chatbots, an artificial intelligence platform that allows businesses to provide contextual, and automated interactions with users. 



Digital intimacy

IDEO, the north star of design studios, have decided to start their first podcast series: How Might We. The first episode is an interesting exploration into how technology is changing the way we view and relate to intimacy.



Bilingual in seconds...kind of.

Ever been travelling in a foreign country and found yourself making exaggerated hand signals and weird sound effects in an attempt to get your message across? Well, the creators of ICONSPEAK have and they decided to design the travellers communication utility belt in the form of a t-shirt.



Interview with a Designer

An in-depth interview with design legend Milton Glaser, and his greatest client, Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy. An insightful look at a thirty year client relationship and friendship built on mutual admiration and respect.


Plug in your plant

Yep, just plug your phone into your pot plant and let Photosynthesis do the rest. I want to believe that this could replace your traditional power socket charger, but have my doubts. No matter what, it’s a nice idea and a good way to add some life to a particularly bland element of the tech life.


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