Helping Woolworths innovate on the Apple Watch

Posted by Cameron Barrie on 9 April
Cameron Barrie

We've been helping Woolworths innovate for a little while now. They've been on a journey to take mobile more seriously for sometime, it's awesome to see, and we're helping them on that journey.

For large organisations, taking mobile more seriously takes a while. There's a lot of organisational change required to steer them towards practices that allow them to ship fast, and ship well, and that's where Bilue shines. We've been working with them to help steer these processes, and obviously, to write code; because at the end of the day, we love writing code, and we love shipping product.

IMAGE: SCREENSHOT FROM APPLE LIVE STREAMIf you were up early watching the Apple Watch Keynote, and you were quick, you might've noticed this logo.

We're really proud to be able to say, that Bilue is the delivery partner that continues to work with Woolworths on this project.

Between Woolworths, Neoteny Service Design and Bilue, we've all come together and worked really hard on this. This project was definitely about getting the right people together in a room and letting them do their thing, hacker style. I'm really proud of the team, the way we worked and everything we've done to get this thing out the door, it's been a monumental effort.

There'll be more announcements, and more info in the near future, so watch this space.

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