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Posted by Amy Balsdon on 21 April
Amy Balsdon

Many of the Bilue staff have a long commute to and from work which leaves plenty of time for gaming. I asked everyone around the office what their favourite games to play were and why. The games ranged from simple problem solving concepts to dramatic adventures through rough terrain. With a combination of visually rich imagery and awesome sound effects, this list should help you out on your next train ride home. Get your game on!!



Alto’s Adventure

Anna: I love how the visuals transition through various times of day and weather patterns, there's an infinite mountain and a series of goals that need to be tackled. The goals are hard enough to keep you feeling slightly infuriated when you can't do them but easy enough that you feel like a pro. The sound effects and landscape give off a soothing vibe which puts you in a good mood for the day. A great little game to keep me entertained on my train ride.



Monument Valley 

Min: Beautiful graphics aside, what sets this game apart for me is the movement in an isometric aesthetic; where the designs appear 3 dimensional & at a 30 degree angle on all sides. It means that every screen is an illusion and the constraints are unclear, which gives the game such depth and allure. In an isometric world, they’ve managed to make the complex simple.




Sye: I am not sure what it is about this game in particular that I enjoy, maybe it is the bright colour palette, the simplicity of the mechanics, or the difficulty of later puzzles? More likely though, a combination of the above.


Two Dots 

Anna: There are a never ending amount of levels so great to just keep plugging away at. It's a simple problem solving concept that kicks your brain into gear for the day.



Lumina City

Sye: Lumino City's shining achievement is the deep sense of warmth achieved by its story, art direction and more stunningly the fact that the "city" was first modelled with real paper and cardboard. This deeply artistic approach drives a sense of comfortable familiarness and adventure that keeps bringing me back.



Path to Luma

Marcelo: It’s a relaxing game with some intelligent puzzles where your goal is to help recover planets from pollution. The artwork is astonishing and the soundtrack very relaxing.


For anyone wanting more...

1. Check your passport is valid and book a flight to the next annual Game Developers Conference which is otherwise known as the GDC. Ok maybe not...but be sure to check out their website for a look inside the future vision of the gaming industry. 

2. Be sure to watch Good Game (Episode 10). They did a special on GDC last week. Lots of interesting stuff! 



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