Driving Forward

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 20 November
Phill Farrugia

Being a company focused on culture, design-led thinking and relentless improvement, Bilue is always looking for ways to tighten the ship and be better. Not just growth in terms of personnel or physical space but in terms of friendships, teamwork, encouragement, exploration, learning, setting goals and achieving them. Yesterday everyone at Bilue woke slightly earlier than usual and boarded a bus headed out west for an excitement-fuelled day of go-karting.

We sat together as a team and asked ourselves a few really important questions - Why does Bilue exist? What have we achieved? What have we failed at? What do we want? And how do we get there. There were some crucial discussions throughout the morning that will no doubt help correct ourselves and steer us forward in the right direction.

In the coming months and with the new year a mere month ahead of us, we are all really looking forward to putting the creative thinking we accomplished yesterday into action. We want to force ourselves to do better in ways we didn't know we could. We want to continue to be a place where everyone, not just me, is excited to work every single day.

There was also some go-karting that happened.

Fresh off the tail of a full stomach, everyone was split into two groups. Each group completed a 5-minute warm up, and then 2 heats of 8 laps each. Those who put the pedal to the metal and did well were selected to compete in the finals - if they weren't already suffering from heat stroke in the 35 degree weather.

There were plenty of ridiculously hilarious crashes and spin outs, and much fun had by all. I couldn't feel my hands at one point, and was seconds from collapsing.

From the dust of the final lap the victors emerged:




Luke D

Tired and fighting our own internal battles with the heat, we boarded the bus again to head back to the office - only to see that our space had undergone a bit of an improvement. What was once a concrete jungle that we begrudgingly convinced ourselves and our clients was a balcony, is now an amazingly vibrant, unique and relaxing break from all the intensity of indoors.

@bilue_voice got an awesome upgrade today. Summer parties for the win!

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