Design inspiration: Gradients

Posted by Annelise Rhodes on 18 April
Annelise Rhodes

Over the last little while some of the team at Bilue have been finding ways to relax. You may have read our Meditation post from a few months back. Well, to continue down this path of finding ways to zen out we’ve chosen to collate some of our favourite visuals that help us relaaaax. Use them for your wallpaper, stick them up near your desk, we guarantee you that gazing into one of these juicy gradients whilst listening to some calming tunes for a few minutes will leave you feeling refreshed.


Sky series by Eric Cahan


Double Vision by James Turrell


Visual Gradients by Jordan Provo.


ManvsMachine x Nike by Ten Studio.

Gradient Wave by Subliming.

Zero by Sydney Sie.

death-valley-gradient.jpgDeath Valley by Jordan Sullivan.


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