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Bilue expands leadership team with appointment of Experience Design Director

Posted by Phil Whitehouse on 24 October

Customer Experience Design, Design, Design Thinking


Sydney - 18 October 2017: Mobile agency Bilue has further strengthened its senior leadership team further with the hire of Jason Massarotto as Experience Design Director.

Jason brings over 20 years’ experience, building and leading award winning teams, which has enabled him to deliver best-in-class experiences across a variety of brands representing Tourism, Banking, FMCG and Telecommunications.

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Don't believe the hype (cycle) - part 3

Posted by Phil Whitehouse on 12 October

Future, Gartner, VR, AR, Interface, blockchain, quantam computing, 5G, mobility


Following on from part 1 (AI everywhereand part 2 (Transparently Immersive Experiences) in this series, it’s time to take a look at the remaining group of technologies in the 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle - “Digital Platforms”.

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Don't believe the hype (cycle) - part 2

Posted by Phil Whitehouse on 12 September

Future, Gartner, VR, AR, Interface


Following on from the previous assessment of the Gartner hype cycle technologies falling under the AI everywhere banner, it’s time to look at the second batch of trends - “Transparently Immersive Experiences”. This category has a number of distinct technologies shoehorned under it - AR / VR, Connected homes and Nanotube electronics, not to mention Brain-Computer Interfaces, 4D printing and more.

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Don't believe the hype (cycle) - part 1

Posted by Phil Whitehouse on 31 August

Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Gartner, Future


The 2017 Gartner hype cycle is out and, while it should always be taken with a pinch of salt, it’s fun to decide for yourself whether or not you agree with their assessment. Before we get stuck in, it’s worth having a quick read of this interesting analysis of past hype cycles where the author assessed how accurate these predictions had been previously (spoiler: not very). But still; I think we can all agree that technology is moving at an ever increasing pace, which not only makes predictions harder to make with certainty, but also presents increasing opportunities to outflank competitors - or be outflanked.

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CXO Leaders Summit

Posted by Phil Whitehouse on 14 August

UX, CX, Customer Experience Design, Mobile


We attended CXO Leaders Summit in Sydney last week, here are some top line takeaways for those who couldn’t be there.

The event kicked off with Steven Marks, founder of Guzman Y Gomez, talking about how he spun up 80 restaurants in Australia and 94 worldwide. He’s a charming and ambitious Brooklynite, a really scrappy hustler, who arrived in Sydney via Wharton Business School and Wall Street. Got fed up betting on other people’s companies and decided to launch his own. Big focus on brand to start with - notice that their type font is made with black tape, like the cheap and cheerful taquerias in Mexico.

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