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Shaping what you build

Posted by Jake on 4 July

Culture, Inspirational

So you have the task of building an application for an existing product. The product isn't amazing and building this app is going to take time. You're not overly excited. It's just another app...

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Optimise the Web for everyone

Posted by Jake on 20 June


A few months ago Google made a major step in the right direction in the way it handles search rankings. They made public that their super secret search algorithm would now take into account the “mobile friendliness” of your site and give it a lower search ranking if it didn't tick all the boxes. This could potentially cost you or your clients large amounts of revenue.

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One week remote

Posted by Jake on 2 June


In 2007 I met a Canadian Software Developer called Mike Doyle in the Blue Mountains. Mike was traveling the world climbing and working. This gobsmacked me - the fact that it was possibly to work from wherever.

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Just because you are a ...

Posted by Jake on 24 January


You maybe a manager, developer, designer, a big boss but it really doesn't mean you should silo yourself away and let others handle their niche.

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