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Posted by Phill Farrugia on 13 August
Phill Farrugia

You sit back in the cold, sticky, plastic, blue train seat sniffle on the morning train into the office. Beside you is the last person you want to be seated next to. Sniffle Scrolling aimlessly through your Facebook news feed you can’t help but keep hearing it.

sniffle What is that? sniffle sniffle It hits you.

The frustrating, relentless and insufferable sniffle of a cold-ridden commuter from hell. You look around and notice all the carriage seats are full. You ain't going no where. Aside from imagining yourself inflicting some form of mass violence upon everyone around you, like something out of Kill Bill or The Purge, what would you do?

I asked everyone at Bilue what they would do and they had this to say

“What a stupid question Phill, what rock are you living under? What else is there to do except whip out a pair of swanky headphones and block it all out with some podcasts!”

So these are the podcasts that we’ve been listening to lately -



From the same guys who bring you This American Life, bring an even better Story about a high school murder, the people involved, and the guy who got convicted. Is he innocent or guilty?

Stuff you should know

In life there's things to keep in your memory banks and things to be discarded like last weeks Beef Stroganoff. Josh and Chuck bring you only the choicest cuts from the cow of knowledge.


99% Insvisible

I care about the stories behind how ‘things’ came to be. The trials & tribulations of the person behind the decisions, the environment under which those decisions came about.



This American Life

I have a weird interest in American culture. It fascinates me. They share stories on a particular theme with real people in real situations. I love it!



'Serial' and 'Criminal' are also great if you have a sick obsession with crime cases like me!




The first season of StartUp follows Alex Blumberg as he documents his own journey seeking funding for his podcast network. It's especially interesting to hear all of the tense, emotional conversations that take place.


I'm really interested in the business side of technology companies and in my opinion Ben Thompson and James Allworth give a great insight into the industry.




If you’re anything like me you love hearing about media, technology and culture combined. Josh Topolsky talks to a slew of guests about what is and will be happening tomorrow.


Design Details

A good chat between designers or developers in the product design space. It doesn't tell you what to do or how to design, it's just a persons thoughts and experiences in the industry.


Shop Talk Show

The quirky sound board and the rapid fire shows make this a standout for me. A must subscribe if you are a passionate web developer.



A relatively new podcast hosted by Rebecca Murphey that focuses on finding out the many responsibilities of a front-end operations engineer.



Around the Bloc

A group of soccer fans discussing their love of football/soccer, The Simpsons, South Park, music, all foods and everything in between.


Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

Another must listen!




No Such Thing As A Fish

Some times I wish I have a bit of commute time so that I can consume my podcasts faster.


Nerdist Writer's Panel

My podcast client says I’m subscribed to 58 channels. Geez.



Reconcilable Differences

Oh, Reconcilable Differences.






If you’re anything like me you love hearing about media, technology and culture combined. Josh Topolsky talks to a slew of guests about what is and will be happening tomorrow.


My Brother, my brother and me

I've only just subscribed but already love it! Three brothers geeking out, laughing and pretending to give good advice.




Some people don't like him, he can get a little chatty but the chats with Todd Sampson and Pinky Beecroft are good.


WTF with Marc Maron

Definitely check out the Obama interview.

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