Webstock 2017

Posted by Gina Karlikoff on 13 March

Renowned as the technology conference with soul”, two of Bilue’s designers, Amy and Anna, took off to Wellington this February to get the latest in the world of design and development. They returned refreshed, revived and replenished with ideas and stories thanks to Webstock and the city of Wellington itself.

Despite being touted as ‘windy Wellington’, the air was crispy and still. The bright-faced UX passionates gathered at St James Theatre where the conference would take place over the next two days. Webstock’s details were finessed with attention and taste; branded mugs and t-shirts, the abundance of ice-cream sandwiches divine, the stage lighting and setup was clear and colourful. Even the conference credits were considered by including every attendee’s name as though they had all watched a film they were all a part of.

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Google Home Has The Internet Hooked

Posted by Gina Karlikoff on 16 January

Artificial Intelligence

The latest Google Home experiment has gone viral for all the right reasons.

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Bilue Christmas Party 2016

Posted by Gina Karlikoff on 6 December

The 2nd of December, 2016.

We knew that Friday the 2nd of December would be a scorcher. As some of us stepped into the office before lunch we were already sweaty. The forecast predicted tops of 38 degrees, only adding to the intensity that would result from a combination of harsh competition, kinetic limits, good times and lots of alcohol.

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An API First Strategy

Posted by Cameron Barrie on 17 October

Mobile, Web, Strategy, API

People say a lot of things about taking a mobile first approach to building their digital experiences, “We absolutely need to be mobile first”, “Consider the customer”, “Build for the devices customers are using day in and day out”.

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Issues Faced With Kotlin During Android Development

Posted by Elisha Lye on 10 August

Development, Mobile, Experimental, tech

Kotlin seems like the future of Android development. It is a new statically-typed programming language that runs on JVM, with a very refined syntax and enhanced features. There is a lot to love about it. Kotlin is interoperable with Java, which should reduce the risk of future incompatibility. The additional language features such as Function Extensions and High Order Function make it much more extensible and scalable. The code is concise with data classes, single expression function, infix and many more… enough said. Kotlin is just great!

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Taking smart shopping to the next level

Posted by Luke Goodman on 4 August

IoT, Products, Design, tech, Problem Solving

When shoppers enter a retail store, they are generally free to browse and shop as they wish. They can move around the store, inspect products, engage with staff, perhaps price check items on their phone. This free-flowing, customer-controlled shopping experience stands in stark contrast to the rigid checkout process where customers are funnelled into a specific location so that their items can be tallied before they pay by cash or credit card.

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Collective Growth at Bilue

Posted by Joanna Osborn on 27 July

Company, Culture, Office

At Bilue we aim to do impactful work. We collaborate with clients, we encourage creativity and we deliver inspired solutions. Recently at our half yearly team day our CEO Cameron Barrie, urged us to pursue personal and collective growth in the year ahead. Cameron said connection is fundamental to the work we do at Bilue, but in order to truly connect and inspire others, strong communication skills are critical at both an individual and company level.

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Linkly #6 - Powerful Talks

Posted by Phill Farrugia on 1 July

Experimental, Facebook, Innovation, Apple, Culture, Inspirational, tech

Linkly is a curated list of interesting products, topics and talking points from the world of design and technology.

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An Intro to Design Thinking - Part 1

Posted by Eric Auld on 24 June

Design, Design Thinking, Problem Solving

Design thinking seems to be the buzzword of 2016. Since gracing the front cover of Harvard Business Review, more companies are claiming that they are a design lead organisations, many are asking how to become one and many more are asking what the hell is it?

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Linkly #5 - Office must haves!

Posted by Amy Balsdon on 23 June

Innovation, Design, tech, Office

Linkly is a curated list of interesting products, topics and talking points from the world of design and technology. This week its all about innovative office products that inspire creativity and increase productivity.

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